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academy outcome rates

Currently as of November 30, 2021 our academy’s outcome rates are: Completion 75.47%, Licensure
100%. The institution’s accrediting agency requires that any adjustments made to its student outcomes rates due to the COVID‐19 Pandemic must be disclosed. The institution’s accrediting agency has allowed flexibilities to the institution in the publication of its student outcome rates if the COVID‐19 Pandemic has significantly impacted the ability of student successfully graduate,sit for licensure and/or obtain employment. Any rates reported below that have been modified in accordance with these flexibilities have been adjusted in one of the following manners as indicated.

Placement Rate: As State and/or local restrictions with respect to the COVID‐19 Pandemic have
significantly impacted the ability of this institution’s students to sit for licensure and/or obtain
employment, this rate has not been published.

Prerequisites for Employment

There are many opportunities that exist for employment in the beauty industry. There are a
number of prerequisites for employment such as possessing a license from the State of
Pennsylvania Board of Cosmetology or Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy, having a
social security card, proof of citizenship (or permission from the US government to work) and
meeting minimum age requirements.

Factors that might prevent employment could include not being able to meet the physical
demands of the position. For example; Cosmetologists spend many hours on their feet providing
customer service – this puts a lot of pressure and stress on the feet and back. Since most
employers do pre-employment background checks, individuals with criminal records (especially
felonies) might find the job market very challenging. Different employers demand different
levels and expertise for the minimum performance standards they set for their employees. The
beauty salon is a retail environment and many employers set work hours that vary throughout the
year that may present some individuals a challenge in dealing with family or other life



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