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Founder & CEO of LaLa’s Salon & Spa and The Nail Academy, Lauren founded LaLa’s Salon & Spa in 2018 &  The Nail Academy in January 2020. She created the academy with the intention to teach the artistry and business of the nail industry. After opening two nail salons, taking various industry courses, teaching all of her employees & hundreds of students; Lauren has proven herself as a leader in education within the industry.


Lauren is a Licensed Master Educator through the State Board of Cosmetology, as well as an ambassador for nail industry expert; Valentino Beauty Pure, as well as an ambassador for salon industry experts; Inspiring Champions.


Industry professionals can expect to be inspired by learning innovative tips & tricks on how to start & stay in business. Whether they work for themselves or for a salon, they will learn to understand the business behind the beauty& what it takes to be successful in this industry.


Lauren loves sharing her 15+ years of experience and knowledge! She genuinely enjoys watching her staff and students grow & glow within the industry!

The Nail Academy Info:

The Nail Academy is a unique learning experience designed to provide an educational environment for nail stylists to expand their knowledge, skills and techniques. We are dedicated to your growth within the industry & provide a variety of classes designed to take you to the next level in your career!


The classes are tailored to different skill levels, focusing on beginner, intermediate, and advanced methods and techniques. The beauty industry is ever-evolving, in which it is important to stay current with the development and advancement of the nail industry. Whether you are first starting out or a veteran in the industry, knowledge is infinite!

Class Types:


In this 3 hours crash course, you will be learning the basics of acrylic nails. Learn how to properly prep & create a solid foundation. You will practice liquid vs. powder ratio & how to make the perfect bead. You will learn how to perfect acrylic application & multiple shaping techniques!

With a full kit & worksheet included, you will leave this class with the knowledge & supplies necessary to start your career in the nail industry!

If you are new to the industry or need to freshen up on your skills, this class is for you!


First things’ first!
The most important thing in a long lasting quality set of nails is foundation! A solid foundation entails proper prepping, application, and shaping. In this beginners class, you will learn the ins & outs of the fundamentals of artificial acrylic nails. This 8 hour course is designed to dive deep into the basics to ensure a thorough overall understanding. You will learn everything from the nail anatomy to sanitation AND everything in between! If you are new to the industry or need to freshen up on your skills, this class is for you!

-Gel Polish Application
*Kit Included ($150 value)
*Course Curriculum


Acrylic design techniques have become the forefront of the Nail Industry!
Everything from ombre to 3D nail art, acrylic designs are highly requested services! In this 8 hour hands-on course, you will learn 5 different methods to ombre, color blocking, various marbling techniques and how to encapsulate sequin, glitter, foil, flowers, & fruit & more.
This class is designed for those who have a general knowledge of the basics of acrylic. It is VITAL that you understand liquid/powder ratio before taking this class!

-Ombre / Multiple Methods
-Encapsulated Inlays
-Color Blocking
-Social Media Marketing
*Kit Included ($150 value)


This is what we like to call “Instagram Nails”/ “Freestyle Fullset”!
An advanced acrylic design set is like going to the hair salon and asking for unicorn colored hair! It’s going to take time & technique!! This class will teach you how to make your sets creative & cohesive; you will learn how to “Freestyle”! In this 8 hour class, you will learn multiple advanced design techniques such as marbling, color-blocking, encapsulated inlays, 3D nail art, swarovski crystal application, and how to sculpt nails using forms. You will also learn business & marketing tips to help your business grow!
This class is designed for advanced industry professionals!

-Advanced Design Techniques
-Advanced Color Blocking
-Advanced Encapsulated Inlays
-Advanced 3D Nail Art
-Sculptured Forms
-Swarovski Crystal Application
-Business/ Marketing Techniques
*Kit Included ($150 value)


The Nail Academy teaches more than just nails! TNA offers Private Consultations and Personal & Professional Development Courses designed to help establish your brand identity & understand “The Business Behind the Brand”. Learn how to take your salon business to new heights by building a unique clientele & maximizing profitability.
The Nail Academy will help you reach the career goals you’ve always dreamed of!



Learn the major B’s in this industry; Branding & Business!

Who are you? What makes you unique? Learn how to establish your brand identity and market it to the masses. Understand the power of social media & how you can use it to leverage your business.

What is your client retention percentage? Learn how to grow your clientele as you grow & scale your business. Maximize profitability by implementing proven budgeting & RPH/RHP strategies.
This class is catered to an intimate group of likeminded industry entrepreneurs who are seeking to unlock the next level of their personal & professional potential!

It’s TIME to give yourself a raise!